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Q?  How do I schedule an appointment with In Your Home Rehab?

A.     You may contact us via telephone, fax or email.


Q?  What should I wear to a therapy session?

A.     You should wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing so that the therapist will be able to evaluate your physical condition.  Athletic or closed-toed shoes are also recommended.


Q?  How long are therapy sessions?

A.     When we first visit you, the therapist will perform a physical evaluation to determine your current condition.  Your physical therapy time will then be determined by the results of your evaluation, however on average, a session typically lasts an hour to an hour and a half.


Q?  Will I need a prescription from my physician to start physical therapy?

A.     Florida has a law called “Direct Access”, which allows a patient to be treated for 21 days without a medical doctor’s prescription after that time, if treatment is continued, a prescription is required.


Q?  How will I know if my insurance pays for physical therapy?

A.     We will confirm whether or not physical therapy is covered by your insurance carrier.

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